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Micronized Kaolin - Egekaolen®

The chemical formula of Kaolin is Aluminum Silicate, Al2Si2O5(OH)4 and it belongs to the clay minerals group. Kaolin is formed by the alteration of feldspars. The word kaolin derives from the name of the kao ling hill near the city of Ching-te Chen in the Jiangxi region of China. Kaolin is used intensively as a filler in the production of putty, leather, glue, as well as in the production of pesticides and fertilizers, in the paint industry, especially in the ceramic industry, thanks to its white color and resistance to acids and bases.

Egekaolen® products are produced in accordance with the needs of our customers with both high whiteness and fine particle size.

Our Egekaolin® product, which has been specially developed to be used as a sun cover in the agricultural sector, has been used all over our country for many years, replacing similar products imported from abroad.