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Micronized Barite - Egebarit®

The barite mineral’s chemical composition is BaSO4 and it can be found in various regions of Anatolia and the world. Although the pure barite mineral is usually transparent or milky white in color, it can be found in almost every color in nature due to the impurities it contains. Pure barite mineral has a hardness value of 3 - 3.5 on the Moh hardness scale. Barite is an inert mineral and is not affected by acids or bases.

Although 90% of the world's barite is used in oil drilling applications, it has a wide area of use in various branches of industry such as the paint industry, plastics industry and brake lining industry due to its white color, inert structure and high density compared to other white industrial minerals.

The barite mineral, originating from the Greek word barús meaning heavy, is the heaviest among non-metallic minerals with a density of 4.45 gr/cm3.