The Best Wetsuits for eFoiling in Cold Water

Not all of us are so fortunate to eFoil in year round tropical climates. We play in places where water temperatures are cool to very cold, which means we need a winter wetsuit.

When buying a wetsuit for cold weather, the first thing to decide is what thickness is required.

Wetsuit Thickness & Temperature Guide

Below is a table to help you choose the wetsuit thickness you need as well as the accessories and features based on the water temperature. Keep in mind that air temperature, wind, activity level and your personal sensitivity to cold also will play a part in what you find comfortable.

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In this article, we will review 5/4mm and 6/5mm wetsuits, for water temperatures below 50 degrees.

Billabong 5/4mm Furnace Hooded Fullsuit

5/4mm Men's Billabong FURNACE Hooded Fullsuit

The Billabong Furnace is a premium cold water wetsuit will many great features and updated wetsuit technolofy.

The wetsuit is made with a flexible recycled neoprene for high thermal retention. It has a fully lined interior of the suit, a chest zip entry, and 100% welded exterior seams with machine-applied stretch taping in high-stress areas so no cold water seeps in. An attached hood for added warmth and durable kneepads completes this wetsuit.

The Billabong Furnace is priced around $460.

Rip Curl 5/4mm Flash Bomb Hooded Fullsuit

Rip Curl’s 5/4mm Flash Bomb Hooded Fullsuit is the ultimate in warmth and comfort. Made with the all-new 100% strech neoprene, this hooded fullsuit is lined with E5 Flash Lining which has 25% more stretch, a faster drying time and has a lighter and lower profile.

Rip Curl’s 5/4mm Flash Bomb Hooded Fullsuit is the ultimate in warmth and comfort. Made with the all-new 100% strech neoprene, this hooded fullsuit is lined with E5 Flash Lining. E5 is one of the most elastic neoprene materials on the market that also dries fast – as quickly as 15 minutes.

It has sealed and taped construction, a lined hood, durable kneepads, front and back mesh panels, a magnet key pocket, and a chest zip for easy entry/exit as well as great range of motion.

Overall, the Rip Curl Flash Bomb Hooded Fullsuit is among the best winter wetsuits. It reatilas for about $470.

O’Neill Psycho Tech 5.5/4 mm

O'Neill Psycho Tech 5.5/4 Hooded Chest Zip Wetsuit | Cleanline Surf

The O’Neil 5.5/4mm Psycho Tech is an awesome wetsuit. It is constructed of a material called TechnoButter3 neoprene – one of the lightest, most flexible, and quickest drying neoprene formulas on the market.

Where this suit really shines is that it keeps you drier than others. A heat retaining thermal layer sheds the water inside the suit. Also, the water tight ankle and wrist gaskets, along with the stellar form fit, prevent water from getting in. This allows O’Neil to achieve warmth with thinner and lighter suits than the competition.

The O’Neil Psycho Tech has a chest entry which allows you to get in and out of the suit without restricting your movements.

This wetsuit retails for around $500.

Patagonia R4 5.5/4mm Yulex

Patagonia R4 Yulex 5.5/4 Hooded Chest Zip Wetsuit - Black

The Patagonia R4 Yulex Hooded Fullsuit is unique in that it does not use neoprene. Instead, it is made of 85% Yulex natural rubber and 15% syntethic rubber. Inside the suit has a wool lining and triple-glued seams that are internally taped and externally glued.

This high quality wetsuit dries fast and offers excellent warmth and flexibility. It features a chest zip, an adjustable hood opening, and reinforced kneepads and ankle cuffs for extra durability.

The Patagonia R4 Yulex retails for $550.