The Best eFoil Helmets

In eFoiling, it is highly recommended that you protect your noggin from the bumps, bruises and cuts you’d suffer from the inevitable falls and crashes. (See Why You Need a Surf Helmet.)

Half-Cut, Full-Cut and Full Face Helmets

There are three basic types of helmets for watersports: half-cut, full-cut and full face helmets.

When it comes to helmets, there is always a tradeoff between comfort and protection. The more comfortable a helmet is, generally the less protective it is.

Half-cut helmets are the smallest helmets in terms of coverage. They are made to protect the top, back and side of your head. They do not offer any protection for the face, ears, jaw or top of the neck.

Full-cut helmets cover the ears and extend father down to the neck. Some full-cut helmets have visors that flip up and down.

A full face helmet has a face guard that protections the nose and mouth. This is the safest type of helmet but rarely seen in use.

Our Top Picks for Soft Surf Helmets

Soft helmets are made with foam. They are flexible and lighter in weight. Therefore they are more comfortable and less restrictive than a hard helmet. For those who absolutely will not wear a hard helmet, these are your best options.

Here are our’s top soft helmets for eFoiling.

DMC Fins Soft Surf Helmet

The DMC Fins Soft Surf Helmet is made of lightweight foam, weighing less than 100g. It is very comfortable to wear and does not feel that much different than wearing a surf cap with a strap.

This helmet features a velcro and snap chin strap, ear openings, and small brim that can be flipped up or down. The back of the helmet has laces that can be tightened to adjust the fit. It also has a neck flap that covers the side and back of the neck to keep the sun off.

The DMC Soft Surf Helmet is available in several colors and sizes and retails for about $80.

GameBreaker-Pro Headgear

The GameBreaker-Pro Headgear is a soft shell helmet made of EVA and SAF foam. The helmet provides 80% head coverage for defense against impact.

It is comfortable, ventilated and has no hard components. Adjustable laces on the back of the headgear allow for a nice fit. The chin strap secures with velcro. This helmet does not impede peripheral vision at all, but on the flipside lacks a sun visor.

The GameBreaker-Pro headgear comes in six sizes and seven colors and retails for about $80.

Olaian Soft Surf Helmet

For those who feel silly wearing anything that looks like helmet, here is the remedy. The Olaian Soft Suft Helmet is definitely the best looking helmet our there. The biggest drawback of this helmet is that it provides minimal coverage. This is the least protective helmet on our list.

It is constructed with foam and polyester for light-weight and flexible protection. The brim is adequately long and rigid, which great for eFoiling. The chin strap secures with a plastic quick release buckle.

The Olaian Soft Surf helmet comes in one color and three sizes, and retails for $35.

Our Top Picks for Hard Surf Helmets

A hard helmet contains a hard shell made of plastic or a composite such as fiberglass. They are bulkier, heavier and more cumbersome than soft helmets.

Unquestionably, hard helmets are superior when it comes to safety. The materials used in hard helmets are exponentially better at absorbing high impact than foam soft helmets.

We highly recommend wearing a hard helmet while you eFoil.

Simba Sentinel 1A

This is one beautiful, sleek helmet. The Simba Sentinel 1 is a lightweight, low-profile helmet engineered specifically for the safety of surfers and water sports enthusiasts. The Sentinel 1’s technically advanced design provides high-level impact protection with optimum aquadynamic performance. It weighs 372 grams.

The Sentinel 1 comes in three sizes and five colors, and retails for $200.

Gath Hat Neo

GATH HAT NEO - Gath Sports

The Gath Surf Helmet claims to be the world’s first surfing helmet which was introduced in 1989. This lightweight full cut helmet has excellent fit and wide peripheral vision. It is made with a high impact resistant plastic shell and a foam liner, and weighs 350 grams. The retention strap uses a quick release buckle.

The Gath Hat Neo comes in four sizes and six colors, and retails for about $170.

Gath RV

Gath also offers a full face helmet, called the Gath RV, which has a retractable visor. The shatterproof visor offers maximum face protection against the damaging elements including 98% UV protection. The chin strap is made with non-stretch webbing and quick-release buckles for a secure retention.

The Gath RV weighs up to 510 grams, depending on the size. It comes in different sizes and colors, and even has different color visors.

The Gath RV retails for about $210.

NP Freeride Helmet

The NP Freeride Helmet offers incredible quality, fit and style at an affordable price. This lightweight, comfortable, and durable helmet is made with an ABS outer shell and foam lining.

The helmet is a half -cut helmet, as the ear protectors are foam and removable. The chin strap has a convenient twist tightening system so you can adjust on the fly.

The NP Freeride Helmet comes in five sizes, five colors, and retails for $55.

Pro-Tec Ace Wake Helmet

The ProTec Ace Wake Helmet is a half-cut helmet with an ABS shell and shock absorbent foam liner. It has numerous vent holes for ventilation and water drainage. The ear protectors are removable as well.

The helmet features a lock system increases comfort and fit of the helmet by cupping the back of the head.

The ProTec Ace Wake Helmet comes in six sizes and colors, and retails about $70.

A Word About Fit

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When buying a helmet, it is imperative that it fits your head properly. An ill fitting helmet loses some of its effectiveness if it moves or shifts while surfing, before impact or on impact.

A helmet should fit snugly, but still be comfortable when worn for long periods of time. There should be no pressure points. If a helmet feels loose and slides when you turn your head, it’s too big.

If you are unsure about how to size a helmet, seek professional guidance. Helmets come in different shapes and sizes. What may work for some people may not work for you.